The Irish Loop is known as the Irish Heart of Newfoundland and Labrador. Because of our close proximity to St. John's and the availability of services, many people and companies have chosen our region as an ideal place to live and conduct business. We are fast becoming the next great tourism destination in Newfoundland due to wonders like ecological reserves, archaeological and historic sites, a world-class hiking trail, and the friendliest people you will find anywhere.

Our strategic location also provides great potential for further growth in sectors such as manufacturing and processing, marine services as well as transshipment. Our community leaders are enthusiastic about what the future holds for the Irish Loop region and have adopted a proactive and sustainable approach to development.
Welcome to a region that is rich in culture, beauty and warmth and a place that is full of prospects and opportunities for businesses, industries, adventure, tourism and leisure. A place where you want to visit, stay, and invest.
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