The Irish Loop is located on the southeastern edge of Newfoundland's Avalon Peninsula. Scattered throughout the coves and bays of the region lie a series of closely connected communities, home to approximately 7500 inhabitants.

The people who live here have a strong connection to the land and the sea, which is reflected in the region's rich cultural traditions. Newcomers with a passion for nature and the great outdoors will enjoy:
  • World-class Hiking Trails
  • Ecological Reserves
  • Archaeological Sites
  • Whale and Iceberg Watching
  • Seabird Colonies
  • Year-round Recreation Activities

Although the Irish Loop may be predominantly rural in character there is certainly no shortage of activity around the region. Once primarily fishing settlements, these communities have since diversified to include a variety of businesses in the tourism, manufacturing and service industries.

The Irish Loop has something to offer everyone, but it's particularly well suited for people who enjoy quiet country living. So if you like clean air, ocean views and quiet and safe communities then perhaps the Irish Loop is just the place for you!
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