Government Services
The Irish Loop's municipal, provincial and federal government bodies all play an important role in providing services to the people who live in the region. Government services refer to the basic services and programs that all residents receive in exchange for the taxes they pay.

Municipal Government:
At the local level, municipal services generally include community services such as water, sewer, and garbage collection. The governance structure is normally comprised of an elected Major and/or Town Council who serve as the local authority for all community issues and affairs.
Provincial Government:
The provincial government of Newfoundland and Labrador is responsible for issues that affect the province as a whole, and ServiceNL is the provincial agency responsible for the delivery of related everyday residential and business services. These include driver's licensing, birth, marriage and death registrations, business registration, hunting and angling licences, and more.

For further information regarding provincial government services and programs, contact:
Service Newfoundland and Labrador

Federal Government:
Located in Ottawa, Canada's capital city, the federal government is responsible for issues that deal with Canada as a country. These issues include citizenship and immigration, international relations, criminal law, federal taxes, national defense, health care and foreign policy.

Federal government services are delivered through Service Canada, which offers a wide range of government programs and services to Canadians through more than 600 points of service located across the country. Services include employment, health, housing, immigration and business issues.

For further information regarding federal government services and programs, contact: Service Canada
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