Why choose to live in the Irish Loop? The answer can be summed up in four simple words - Superior Quality of Life.

Friendly and Welcoming People
The Irish loop is known for its exceptionally friendly and gracious people. It's a place where neighbours are quick to lend a helping hand and community strength is built on cooperation and kindness. It's a place where total strangers are treated like close friends. It's a place where people who stop to ask for directions are invited into homes for a chat and a cup of tea. There is something truly special about this place and the unique spirit of the people who live here, which makes it the perfect place to live well and enjoy life to the fullest.

Safe and Clean Communities
The Irish Loop is full of wide open spaces that leave you feeling far away from the hustle and bustle of city living. From the fresh ocean air to the vast network of parks and conservation areas, this unspoiled natural environment is like a tonic for the soul. Couple that with low crime rates and caring neighbours and you get inviting communities that are second to none.
Rich Culture and History
The unique culture of the Irish Loop is largely a product of our Irish heritage and our seafaring history. You can witness it in the traditional Irish folk songs and sea shanties that are sung at family gatherings and at music festivals. It's evident in the lighthouses and shipwrecks that dot our coastline. You can even see it in the food we eat and the way we speak! And while every community in the region is different, our shared history unites us and creates an expanded sense of community that truly makes the Irish loop a special place to live.

Abundant Recreation and Leisure Activities
The Irish Loop's unique geography and abundant wildlife offers the perfect destination for outdoor adventurers. We have icebergs, whales, and seabirds. Sheltered bays and pristine forests. Hiking trails, nature parks, and historic sites all at your fingertips. It's the perfect environment for 4-season recreational activities.

But of course not all of the fun takes place outdoors. Our schools and community groups organize year-round sports and social activities for all ages. There are concerts and dances, community centers and sport leagues, music and art programs...and the list goes on. No matter your interests or your age, it's always easy to find entertainment and good times.
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