Our Climate & Weather
The Irish Loop has a marine climate, which is generally characterized by warm, but not hot summers and moderately cold winters. Residents also enjoy distinct Spring and Fall seasons, making for a true 4-season environment with lots of opportunities for outdoor fun!

Winters are generally cold but thanks to our marine climate we don't experience the extreme lows typical of more inland and northern areas. The coldest months are January and February when the temperature averages between -5 and -10ºC, but when accompanied by strong winds it can feel much colder. Snowfall remains on the ground for several months providing excellent conditions for traditional winter activities like skating and snowmobiling - be sure to dress warmly!

Spring tends to arrive a little late in the Irish Loop and can be a season of cool temperatures and coastal fog. But when Spring does arrive it brings with it icebergs and whales which more than makes up for any cool, damp weather. It's an ideal time for a boat tour or a sea kayaking excursion to get up close and personal with some of the very best nature has to offer.
Summers are generally warm with the hottest days in July and August when the temperature averages between 15-20ºC, however highs of 25ºC or more are frequently reported. It's perfect weather for all kinds of outdoor activities, whether boating on Holyrood pond or foot-tapping to the beat at an outdoor music festival.
Generally speaking you'll be comfortable in shorts and a T-shirt, just keep in mind that the closer you get to the coast, the more you will be affected by cool ocean

Fall is known for its beautiful colours as the trees turn from green to red, orange and yellow. It's the ideal time of year for hiking on the East Coast Trail, late season camping, or hunting and fishing. Fall weather generally brings cool temperatures and chilly evening, so keep a sweater handy and dress in layers!
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