Population: 255    Location:  47.0553° N,  52.912° W
Jason Rossiter
Tel: 709-432-2549
No 911 Service
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
No Water & sewer
No Convenience items
Yes Food service
No Gasoline
Yes Groceries
Note: Fire services shared with Ferryland
Travel by road to main centres...
St John's74 km(44 mi)
Calvert was originally named Capelin Bay but in 1922 was renamed in honour of Sir George Calvert, an English politician, colonizer, and the first Lord Baltimore. Meanwhile, the community itself dates back almost 400 years and some of that old world charm can still be witnessed today in the towns rich culture and traditions.

During the community's early years residents primarily depended on the inshore fishery, along with some small scale farming and saw mill activities. Today, Calvert still depends on the fishery as the main employment generator, although an increased number of residents commute to St. John's or work in the province's growing oil and gas industry.

A safe and nurturing community, Calvert welcomes newcomers to enjoy the fresh ocean air and pristine countryside. Whether you are a young family seeking a safe and clean place to raise children, or a retiree who wants to unwind at the oceans edge, Calvert has something to offer everyone.

• World-class Hiking on the East Coast Trail
• Broad Cove and Lance Cove Beaches
• Sport and Recreational Facilities
• Bird Watching
• Sport Fishing and Hunting
Community Services
· Bar/Lounge
· Construction Services and Contractors
· Hairdresser/Barber/Tanning Salon
· Hairdresser/Barber/Tanning Salon
· Tour Services
For Children and Youth:
· Calvert Playground
· Kilbride - Ferryland Family Resource Centre -
For Seniors:
· Calvert Glad Greeters 50+ Club
Recreation Facilities:
· Calvert Ball Field
· Calvert Community Hall
Religious Institutions:
· Immaculate Conception Roman Catholic Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· 4H Club
· Calvert Church and Hall Committee
· Calvert Harbour Authority
· Calvert Local Service District Committee
· Citizens Against Crime - Brigus South - Cappahayden
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