Portugal Cove South
Population: 150    Location:  46.7079° N,  53.259° W
Ida Perry
Tel: 709-438-2092
Yes 911 Service
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
Yes Water & sewer
Yes Convenience items
Yes Food service
No Gasoline
Yes Groceries
Note: Town water system available but private sewer systems only
Travel by road to main centres...
St John's137 km(82 mi)
It's believed that Portugal Cove South derived its name from having been a Portuguese fishing station in the 16th century. Over the years the fishery has consistently been the main source of employment, however more recently an increasing number of residents have become involved in the development of the tourism industry. Tourism in the area is closely tied to The Cape Race Lighthouse National Historic Site and the Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve, and Portugal Cove South is the gateway to these two important sites.

The Cape Race lighthouse, one of many historic lighthouses in the Irish Loop, has the distinction of being home to Newfoundland's first wireless station which, in 1912, received the distress signal of the now famous Titanic. Today Cape Race is considered one of the world's most appropriate places for connecting with the Titanic story. It is the closest point of land to the Titanic gravesite and is home to the Myrick Wireless Interpretation Center where visitors can view artifacts and exhibits relating to region's wireless and Titanic heritage.

The Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve is known world-wide for its remarkably preserved fossils which date back 565 million years, making them the oldest multi-cellular fossils on earth. For this reason Mistaken Point has been added to Canada's exclusive tentative list of sites to be considered for UNESCO World Heritage status.

Located on the southeast tip of the Avalon Peninsula, Portugal Cove South is a peaceful town with a promising future. Its impressive community spirit is apparent in its active associations and groups committed to finding ways to make the community prosperous and attractive for current residents, as well as to newcomers.

• Cape Race National Historic Lighthouse
• Myrick Wireless Interpretation Center
• Mistaken Point Ecological Reserve
• Portugal Cove South Interpretation Center & Edge of Avalon Gift Shop
• Avalon Caribou Herd
• Picturesque Drook, Long Beach, Rookery, Cripple Cove, and Clam Cove
• Bird Watching
• Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Hiking
• Berry Picking
Community Services
· Crafts & Gifts
· Taxi & Transportation Services
For Children and Youth:
· Community Playground
· Summer Sports Camp
Recreation Facilities:
· Portugal Cove South Playground
Religious Institutions:
· Holy Rosary Roman Catholic Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· Cape Race/PCS Heritage Inc.
· Portugal Cove South Cemetery Committee
· Portugal Cove South Harbour Authority
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