Population: 310    Location:  46.9318° N,  52.9411° W
Susan Sheehan
Tel: 709-363-2500
Yes 911 Service
Yes Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
Yes Water & sewer
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
Note: Fire services are shared with Fermeuse. Town water available but private sewer systems.
Travel by road to main centres...
St John's96 km(58 mi)
Renews–Cappahayden is a small fishing town that once existed as two independent villages prior to amalgamating in the mid-1960s. First settled by migratory fishermen, and then by colonists, these two settlements share a fascinating history that includes pirates, shipwrecks, secret midnight meetings and even a supposed visit from the Mayflower en route to Plymouth Rock.

The rugged coastline here may not have been a welcome sight for ancient mariners, but from the comfort and safety of the shore the spectacular views are hard to beat. From whales and seabirds to icebergs and towering cliffs, the natural environment instills a sense of peace and a feeling of oneness with nature.

In Renews–Cappahayden you will experience warm hospitality, fascinating history, and rich cultural traditions along with breathtaking scenery. A safe and quiet town with a spirit of openness - who could ask for a better place to relocate.

  • Ocean Views
  • Clean and Natural Environment
  • East Coast Trail
  • Historic Sites
  • Bird and Whale Watching
  • Grotto
  • Wreck of the Florizel.
Community Services
· Accommodations
· Construction Services and Contractors
· Hairdresser/Barber/Tanning Salon
· Waste Recovery/Recycling Facility
For Children and Youth:
· Fermeuse/Renews Girl Guides
· Renews/Cappahayden Playground and Picnic Area
Government Offices/Organizations:
· Department of Works, Services & Transportation
Recreation Facilities:
· East Coast Trail -
· Regina Mundy Complex
· Renews/Cappahayden Community Hall
· Renews/Cappahayden Outdoor Skating Rink
· Renews/Cappahayden Swimming Pool
Religious Institutions:
· Holy Apostles Roman Catholic Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· Holy Apostle Church Properties Committee
· Regina Mundi Building Committee
· Renews Cemetery Committee
· Renews Fisherman's Committee
· Renews Harbour Authority
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