St Shotts
Population: 68    Location:  46.6329° N,  53.5873° W
Betty Hewitt
Tel: 709-438-2032
Yes 911 Service
No Cell phone service
Yes DSL/Cable Internet
Yes Fire services
Yes Garbage collection
Yes Postal services
Yes Water & sewer
No Convenience items
No Food service
No Gasoline
No Groceries
Note: Town provides water system but sewer is through private systems
Travel by road to main centres...
St John's165 km(99 mi)
St. Shotts is a quiet community that lies roughly halfway between St. Mary's Bay to the west and Trepassey Bay to the east. Nestled along the edge of the St. Shotts river, it appears on early maps as Cap de Chincete, deriving from the old French word meaning ragged, referring to its rugged coastline and underwater shoals.

The hazards along St. Shotts coastline played havoc with early seafarers, leading to many shipwrecks and resulting in the area becoming known locally as the "Graveyard of the Atlantic". To help remedy the situation, Cape Pine lighthouse was built in 1851 just a few kilometers east of St. Shotts. Today Cape Pine's light still shines bright and it has been declared a National Historical Site, having the distinction of being the oldest cast iron lighthouse in all of Canada.

Despite the challenging ocean conditions, the inshore fishery has always been the backbone of the local economy, with the emphasis shifting from cod to crab in recent years. St. Shotts is also home to a successful sod growing operation which employs twelve workers on a seasonal basis.

St. Shotts offers a quiet life, with wide open spaces and beautiful ocean views. If you are looking for quiet evenings cozied up on your deck watching the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean, then perhaps St. Shotts is the place for you!

• Hiking - St. Shotts Coastal Trail from St. Shotts to Cape Pine
• Fishing
• Hunting
• Berry Picking
• Avalon Caribou Herd
• Beautiful Beach
• Cape Pine Lighthouse
Community Services
· Landscaping Services
For Seniors:
· St. Shotts Mixed Dart League
Recreation Facilities:
· St. Shotts Community Hall
Religious Institutions:
· Our Lady of Fatima Roman Catholic Church
Volunteer Service Groups:
· St. Shotts Fire Department
· St. Shotts Harbour Authority
· St. Shotts Recreation Committee
· St. Shotts Women's Group
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